How Self Driving Trucks Will Kill Our Economy

How long before all trucking companies are self-driving? And will it effect our economy?

Self Driving Trucks The way our economy is changing at a rapid pace, we’re seeing the decimation of small town economies like we’ve never seen before. We have to start educating ourselves on the effects of things such as self-driving vehicle technology, and how it affects local economies, especially the ones that are dependent on trucker salaries. 

If you think I’m blowing this out of proportion look at some of these facts.

The economy in North America is incredibly dependent on truck drivers, but what happens when self-driving vehicles are introduced to the road and these jobs start to disappear? There are over 4 million professional truck driver is in North America, and additional 5.5 million people employed who are not truck drivers but work in conjunction with them. That is 9.5 million truck related jobs.

“9.5 Million Jobs In North America Are Directly Related To The Trucking Industry”

No not all of these jobs would disappear because of self-driving trucks, you’re still going to need people to load the trucks and route them, but the vast majority of these jobs would disappear. And we can’t stop there, the income received by these 9.5 million people create numerous jobs for others. The 4 million plus drivers would regularly stop to rest, drink, eat and sleep. There are businesses that solely exist to service this market. Think of all the motels and restaurants that serve this industry as an example. So now you have millions more people that depend on the employment of the truck driver. But you can’t even stop there.

“Truckers Support Many Other Industries Outside Of Their Own”

Now think about the millions of people who work in the hospitality industry that are supported by the truck drivers, and how they support their local economies. The server that may spend her paycheque for rent or a vehicle is now out of a job no longer put that money into her own community. Entire local economies will shrink all due to self-driving vehicles.

Truck drivers are generally well paid, they provide a good middle-class income. Their income is higher than approximately half of all tax filers. Most truck drivers do not have college-educated. Becoming a truck driver is one of the last jobs available for provides a solid salary without a post-secondary education. 

Video on Driverless Trucks

“Truckers Make Up A Large Portion Of Middle Class Income In North America”

So if we look at the big picture we can now see that there’s proximately 12 to 15 million people in North America that rely on the salaries of truck drivers, what happens to our economy if these jobs disappear?

So even though the trucking industry expects to see a 21% increase in jobs by 2020, what will happen when self-driving trucks become mainstream, all these jobs could disappear literally overnight causing a massive shift in our economy.

What Can You Do If You Are A Trucker Or In A Support Industry?

The time is now to start educating ourselves on other sources of income, whether it is full time or part time, the future of our families depends on it. Many businesses, not just the trucking industry are changing their outlook on the future of business, many are looking at direct sales models because of the cost savings associated with this type of business. 

There are many opportunities available in the direct selling or network marketing industry’s, where you can start your own business with low investment and little risk. If you’re interested in more information follow the link below.

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