Direct Selling – The Future Of Shopping?

Direct Selling – The Future Of Shopping?

I want to do a quick article today to talk about our ever-changing economy, what it means everyday people and their futures.

I am a traditional business owner and have been for the past 20 years but I can tell you straight up the traditional job market can no longer protect even loyal employees with good wages, benefits, security or longevity. 

The economy is changing, times are changing, both large business and small businesses have to change with the times to remain competitive. 

Are Schools Teaching The Right Subjects For A Changing Economy?

Gone are the days of going to school getting a good education, starting a career with the company and working there until you’re ready to retire. It’s up to me to say, but most people that are in school today have no idea what they’re in for when they are ready to enter the job market. 

Unfortunately, our schools are still teaching a business model that is no longer practiced commonly in the job market, and with the majority of courses that are still offered today, I’m not sure that the value is truly there when you get out of school and you’re faced with $50,000 in student loans. 

Ever since the introduction of the Internet big business has been starting to shift their current business models over to a more direct selling model, where individual entrepreneurs represent and wholesale their products for them. Under this business model, the manufactures of the products have less risk, lower overhead, and better margins. 

Yesterday’s Sales Rep – Today’s Entrepreneur

Individuals who maybe once worked as sales representatives for these big businesses or manufacturers are now independent entrepreneurs representing the products on a one on one basis. This is a win-win for the end-user or customer because they’ll typically get much better customer service and the product is usually cheaper to the lower overhead costs.

You are usually going to see these types of sales performed on sites such as Amazon, Shopify or eBay. There is also a whole other side of direct sales that also includes MLM or multi-level marketing, this group is very similar to the above group in where it is individual entrepreneurs that are selling the products through direct sales but they are also members of sales teams. The main benefit of the MLM system is that you can maintain a passive income even if you were no longer growing your business but have many other entrepreneurial direct sales people on your team. 

Some of the largest companies in the world are now turning to direct sales, MLM, party plans or franchises.

Same Great Products – Different Sales Model

The products are the exact same fantastic products that you would get from the middleman retail store if you were doing more traditional shopping. The major differences you’re usually going to receive a much higher level of customer service because you’re dealing with a direct sales person who does not receive a commission unless you were happy with the sale. 

If you read any my other articles you’ll notice that I write about many businesses that are starting to fall into the direct sales model, even grocery stores are getting in on the action, where you select your purchases online and the food is delivered directly to your door. And this is only the first step in the evolution of the grocery store, in the future it’s quite plausible at the grocery store won’t even exist it will simply be a warehouse that you do not ever go to, food is simply distributed from this location. 

To me, direct sales is the same great product with better customer service and more convenience. And if anybody that you’re dealing with has ever bought anything off of sites such as Amazon or eBay leave most likely already been purchasing through direct sales.

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