Horror Movie Braid To Be Funded With Cryptocurrency

Horror Movie To Be Funded Through Ethereum CrowdsaleWow, it looks like cryptocurrencies have finally hit Hollywood. Using the crowdfunding platform, Weifund, a psychological thriller called Braid, has partnered with innovation studio ConsenSys to raise the required funding to produce the movie.

In the past producers had to rely on wealthy Hollywood investors to fund their movies, but in the last few years with the growth of crowdfunding websites, such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter, another option has opened up for producers to get their movies made.

We movies are made using the crowdfunding platform, the people who supported the movie usually do not see any of the financial upsides if the movie is successful.


Now we can take it one step further, by introducing cryptocurrency and specifically the Altcoin Ethereum into the mix. Braid using The crowdfunding platform Weifund Will look to raise a minimum of 1.4 million and a maximum of 2.1 million worth of Ethereum in exchange for 30% of the films future profits. 

This is the first of its kind, where a movie is funded through crowdfunding and its investors can potential he see a return on their money.

For more information on Weifund go here: Weifund 

The crowdfunding campaign for Braid launched on June 7. 

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