The Year of Ethereum

EthereumEthereum prices have exploded in the last few months, and they’re still headed north.

2017 has seen Gaines of 3000% and rising for Ether prices. What’s next for the cryptocurrency the powers the world’s second largest blockchain?

Well the spotlight is always been on Bitcoin due to its being the original cryptocurrency and it’s record-breaking all-time high trading value, other cryptocurrencies are gaining attention quickly. 

Ethereum Gaining on Bitcoin as the Main Cryptocurrency

One of the most notable crypto currency’s today is Ethereum, investors have the opportunity to make millions much like they did from bitcoin.

Ethereum has seen a 13,633% jump in value since 2015, a record not many financial mediums have ever seen. Most experts agree that Ethereum is going to continue to gain value throughout 2017.

Ethereum has very strong security and Ames for zero downtime, and with some of the system features and fast transaction rates, Ethereum has moved further ahead of Bitcoin.

Ethereum is just one of the many cryptocurrencies that are gaining traction lately, some hold even bigger potential for earning, due to their much lower value.

The bigger currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Will soon reach a point where investors won’t receive much of a profit because they are quickly reaching their peak value. However, new crypto currency’s but still have a little face value, have huge potential for future growth.

Huge Future Growth of Ripple & New Economic Movement

One of those crypto currency’s is Ripple, which currently trades at about $.30, but is expected to grow rapidly.

Experts predict that ripple will have a one-year return of 5478%, following the trend of other digital currency’s. One other very exciting new Currensy his new economic movement (NEM), which is currently valued at $.257 and expects to have a one year return of 14,499%.

New Up and Coming Token Bytecoin

In the final digital token that is being targeted by experts is Bytecoin, which currently is priced at only $.00395 and is expected to have a one your return of 9785%.

This is a small example of the new players to the cryptocurrency market that are making waves. However, the one that is seem to be the biggest winner after Bitcoin is Ethereum, and experts agree the 2017 will showcase it’s all time highs. 

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