Do You Live Close To A River? – Want Free Electricity

Portable river turbine can power your house by generating 12 kWh daily


Alternative Energy Electricity is a global problem, approximately one 1.5 billion people around the world are without electricity, and to further 800 million people rely on expensive, fossil fuel generators for their electrical requirements.

We are a planet made up of mostly water, more than 70% of the planet is covered with slow moving waters such as rivers, ocean currents, and canals.

A few revolutionary Canadian companies have created products for this untouched global market that exist to provide electricity where it is currently unavailable, will replacing millions of fossil fuel burning generators that currently supply the power grid have a very high cost.

Did you know that a body of water moving at a mere 2 mph can generate the same amount of force as 240 mph winds?

Water contains 830 times more energy then wind, this allows smaller devices submerged in water ways to generate the same amount of electricity then much larger wind turbines. Because the electrical generation is coming from slow-moving water it also works much more consistently than wind power.

The first company is Waterotor, you can view their video below. This company is based out of Ottawa, Ontario and was formed in 2011 with the purpose of commercialization through full-scale prototype demonstrations.

The second company is called Indnergie, they are based in Montreal, Quebec and they were formed in 2010. Idenergie formed due to the threat of climate change, they dream of making a positive difference by encouraging individuals to use renewable energy, and create a society based on a green economy.

Of all available renewable eco friendly energy power production models, rivers and other moving bodies of water may have the greatest potential as they can produce power 24 hours per day and don’t rely on changing weather patterns.

I am very excited to see where both of these Canadian products end up and wish them both success in their ventures to create a global improvement in both electrical avaiability and affordability.

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