Cash Flow Vs. Business Strategy – Which Is More Important?

Do you need money or business strategy to start a business? 

Business StrategyThere is no denying that cash or cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, but do you really need cash to start a business? Or just a better business strategy? Well everybody at this point is probably saying, of course, you need cash to start a business are you crazy? 

Well, I’m here to tell you that you do not always need cash to start a business, sometimes all you need is a better business strategy. I am not saying that you can run your business for free, or that it will not take a lot of hard work to keep the business running, but sometimes having the right business strategy is more important than having a lot of cash. Let me tell you a little story explaining how this works.

Business Strategy Example

 At one time I had an opportunity to purchase coffee dispensing machines that would be a great investment and provide a great cash flow but I didn’t have the money to invest at that time. What I needed was a strategy that would allow me to get the machines without cash, here’s what I did:

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SEO Services – The Life & Death Of A Website

SEO Services – The Life & Death Of A Website

Why do I need SEo Services? Well does your business owSEO Servicesn the website? Wow that question sound so ridiculous in today’s marketplace, virtually every business owns a website and some on multiple websites. Having a presence on the Internet is critical for all businesses. In fact, if you’re reading this right now you probably own a business and a website and you’re looking for ways to improve it in the search engine ranking.

So if your website doesn’t show up in the important search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing what does it mean? Well, the harsh reality is that 90% of your local population doesn’t even know that your website or business exists. 

Why do I need SEO Services?

Your goal as the business owner is to make sure that your Business is visible to potential customers, so this means that your website must be visible on search engines. Increasing your search engine ranking leads to increased brand awareness, which then leads to higher sales.

SEO services require an immense amount of skill, time, and strategy to implement and most small business owners do not possess any of these points. Hiring a search engine optimization company and allowing them to handle these tasks for you will give you a much better chance of ranking on the likes of Google and Yahoo much faster.

Good SEO strategy can take years to learn how to do properly, and it can make or break your business through the life and death of your website. It is advisable to hire SEO Services and together build a strategy plan that will see your business move up in the organic web searches quickly. During the building time, I would suggest that you use social media and video advertising to start building a search audience.

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Top 10 Websites For Tips On Increasing Your Business Skills

Top 10 websites for tips on increasing your business skills

Business SkillsWhether you’re a manager, finance department, marketer or an entrepreneur that wears all these hats, building business skills of all types is critical. Continued education is a way of life, and reading this top 10 list of websites and blogs will be incredibly beneficial to your Business success.

Here are 10 of my favorite websites that I turn to for sharpening my business skills, they are all different but they all help in their own way.

Techcrunch – Online Marketing

In today’s marketing world online business news is critical in TechCrunch is a leader in this field. If you’re a web startup, a blogger, or any other online entity, this is a must-read.

Entrepreneur Magazine – Entrepreneurial has been around for a long time and is one of the top entrepreneurial magazines that there is. You are guaranteed to learn something every time you utilize this vital resource.

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10 reasons why this post will make you think about your article headlines more closely

10 reasons why this post will make you think about your article headlines more closely

think about your article headlines more closely Do you think that your article headlines have a major impact on how often your audience engages, reads, and shares your content?

Well according to Buzzsumo it is difficult to overstate the importance of headlines. They analyzed 100 million headlines found on social media, and the results were amazing.

Their research included:

  • Headline phrases that drive the most engagement on Facebook
  • The worst performing headline phrases on Facebook
  • The most effective phrases that start or end with headlines
  • Optimum number of words and characters to use in a headline
  • Most impactful numbers to use in headlines
  • Most engaging Twitter headline phrases
  • And differences between B2C and B2B headlines

Is there a formula to follow when writing headlines?

They did learn that there is not a magic formula to create a viral headline, but they did learn how to improve their content engagement. 

One amazing stat for creating a popular post was using the trigram or three-word phrase “will make you” in your headline resulted in twice as many engagements as the second most popular trigram “this is why” in your headline. 

The team also found that emotional headlines such as “make you cry” performed extremely well, but content writers have to be very careful when using these headline phrases as Facebook announced that it will demote “headlines that exaggerate the details of a story with sensational language” and which aims “to make the story seem like a bigger deal than it really is.”

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What is Ethereum?

Great article article and video explaining “What is Ethereum?” By Stephan Tual.


EthereumMy name is Stephan Tual, I’m the CCO for Ethereum

my background is IT, startups and development My role at ethereum is to bring together entrepreneurs, developers and investors to build decentralized applications on our platform Ethereum is an open source platform to build, distribute next-generation decentralized applications That is, applications that have no middlemen where users

interact with social systems, financial systems, gaming interfaces all in a peer to peer fashion Because the ethereum network will be distributed on hundreds of thousands of computers around the globe this all takes place on a censorship-proof foundation We make it easy for developers to build those applications

leveraging tools that they are already familiar with. Things like HTML and Javascript to build the interfaces or Go, python or Lisp to build the business logic In short, our mission is to open up the floodgates of decentralized application development We’re currently well into our development process

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What is Cryptocurrency & Blockchain?

Our topic today is CryptoCurrency and Blockchain, and we are going to go through

cryptocurrencyHere is a great article and video I found on Youtube that explains what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is. Enjoy!

the basics of what they are, then look at some of the pros and cons and criticism of Cryptocurrency. Since it is often seen by many as the currency of the future we will also look briefly at what sort of challenges it might face in interplanetary and interstellar economies, where communications lag might make checking someone’s bank account balance a decade long process and where advanced automation might let you make perfect copies or forgeries of almost anything.

On top of that we will also looks at some alternative uses for Blockchain which include some surprises like maybe being able to use it for conducting elections with a maximum of privacy and minimum of fraud. Before we can get into any of that we do need to cover some basics about currency and money in general and define some terms and concepts. I am going to try to keep this as brief and intuitive as possible, so for those of you wanting more detailed looks at certain aspects of it there will be a number of links to more detailed papers in the episode description.


Banking is not usually considered an exciting aspect of technology and futurism, but it is a very important one so I will try to make it as interesting as possible. Money begins replacing direct trade of goods, or bartering, when you start having issues with what is called a ‘coincidence of wants’.

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Do You Live Close To A River? – Want Free Electricity

Portable river turbine can power your house by generating 12 kWh daily


Alternative Energy Electricity is a global problem, approximately one 1.5 billion people around the world are without electricity, and to further 800 million people rely on expensive, fossil fuel generators for their electrical requirements.

We are a planet made up of mostly water, more than 70% of the planet is covered with slow moving waters such as rivers, ocean currents, and canals.

A few revolutionary Canadian companies have created products for this untouched global market that exist to provide electricity where it is currently unavailable, will replacing millions of fossil fuel burning generators that currently supply the power grid have a very high cost.

Did you know that a body of water moving at a mere 2 mph can generate the same amount of force as 240 mph winds?

Water contains 830 times more energy then wind, this allows smaller devices submerged in water ways to generate the same amount of electricity then much larger wind turbines. Because the electrical generation is coming from slow-moving water it also works much more consistently than wind power.

The first company is Waterotor, you can view their video below. This company is based out of Ottawa, Ontario and was formed in 2011 with the purpose of commercialization through full-scale prototype demonstrations.

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Wearable Technologies – Now and Tomorrow

Wearable TechnolgySo anybody that knows me, knows that I love technology, and wearable technology is absolutely one of my favorites.

Recently I started looking at a new business opportunity with World Global Network, and yes I know it’s MLM. Now before you get all up in arms about multi-level marketing it, it might be a good idea to read some of my previous articles where I discussed my views on future business.

I am a firm believer that in the future most sales will be direct sales, and many large businesses are already starting to follow this trend of selling directly to the customer and skipping out on the middleman. Direct sells allow companies to be much more competitive, and gives them necessary feedback about their product or service, without having to rely on a third-party.

I’ve covered this stuff in detail in some of my other articles, so I won’t go on too much about it here when what I really want to talk to you about is wearable technology and the advancements in this industry over the past few years.

Bring On The Calculator Watch

I remember when I got my first Calculator Watch and thinking what an amazing piece of technology it was, and how it was going to make me look like a genius in math class. Well, no one ever accused me of being a genius, and I’m pretty sure the teacher took my fancy wrist calculator away from me. If I only could learn to keep my mouth shut, instead of bragging to my classmates.

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The Year of Ethereum

EthereumEthereum prices have exploded in the last few months, and they’re still headed north.

2017 has seen Gaines of 3000% and rising for Ether prices. What’s next for the cryptocurrency the powers the world’s second largest blockchain?

Well the spotlight is always been on Bitcoin due to its being the original cryptocurrency and it’s record-breaking all-time high trading value, other cryptocurrencies are gaining attention quickly. 

Ethereum Gaining on Bitcoin as the Main Cryptocurrency

One of the most notable crypto currency’s today is Ethereum, investors have the opportunity to make millions much like they did from bitcoin.

Ethereum has seen a 13,633% jump in value since 2015, a record not many financial mediums have ever seen. Most experts agree that Ethereum is going to continue to gain value throughout 2017.

Ethereum has very strong security and Ames for zero downtime, and with some of the system features and fast transaction rates, Ethereum has moved further ahead of Bitcoin.

Ethereum is just one of the many cryptocurrencies that are gaining traction lately, some hold even bigger potential for earning, due to their much lower value.

The bigger currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Will soon reach a point where investors won’t receive much of a profit because they are quickly reaching their peak value. However, new crypto currency’s but still have a little face value, have huge potential for future growth.

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Horror Movie Braid To Be Funded With Cryptocurrency

Horror Movie To Be Funded Through Ethereum CrowdsaleWow, it looks like cryptocurrencies have finally hit Hollywood. Using the crowdfunding platform, Weifund, a psychological thriller called Braid, has partnered with innovation studio ConsenSys to raise the required funding to produce the movie.

In the past producers had to rely on wealthy Hollywood investors to fund their movies, but in the last few years with the growth of crowdfunding websites, such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter, another option has opened up for producers to get their movies made.

We movies are made using the crowdfunding platform, the people who supported the movie usually do not see any of the financial upsides if the movie is successful.


Now we can take it one step further, by introducing cryptocurrency and specifically the Altcoin Ethereum into the mix. Braid using The crowdfunding platform Weifund Will look to raise a minimum of 1.4 million and a maximum of 2.1 million worth of Ethereum in exchange for 30% of the films future profits. 

This is the first of its kind, where a movie is funded through crowdfunding and its investors can potential he see a return on their money.

For more information on Weifund go here: Weifund 

The crowdfunding campaign for Braid launched on June 7.