Direct Selling – The Future Of Shopping?

direct selling

Direct Selling – The Future Of Shopping?

I want to do a quick article today to talk about our ever-changing economy, what it means everyday people and their futures.

I am a traditional business owner and have been for the past 20 years but I can tell you straight up the traditional job market can no longer protect even loyal employees with good wages, benefits, security or longevity. 

The economy is changing, times are changing, both large business and small businesses have to change with the times to remain competitive. 

Are Schools Teaching The Right Subjects For A Changing Economy?

Gone are the days of going to school getting a good education, starting a career with the company and working there until you’re ready to retire. It’s up to me to say, but most people that are in school today have no idea what they’re in for when they are ready to enter the job market. 

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