Brudenell River Golf Club

Rodd Brudenell River Resort

Disclaimer: I grew up in this area so maybe take this article with a grain of salt.

With that confession out of the way I will tell you that this is one of the most beautiful courses I have ever played.

Play golf when the course is just waking up

I sometimes like to play golf first thing in the morning when the course is just waking up and there is still a dew on the ground. I do this not only because it is extremely relaxing, tranquil, and a form or meditation for me, but also so that I can take my time and take lots of video and photos.

I played this course in late May but the weather had not been cooperating with my vacation time as the previous six days it rained the entire time, it was also only 6 degrees Celsius when I teed off. A little crazy I know, but I truly never even noticed.

For me, standing on the first tee box took me back a few years and memories flooded back to good times playing here in my younger years, but before I get to the round I have to give a shoutout to the staff at Brudenell & Dunderave, their hospitality is amazing.

Staff @roddbrudenellresort

I showed up early, about 45 minutes prior to my round at 7:00am. Of course, they were still setting up for the day and not really prepared for someone at this time of day, but they still showed up to my car with a golf cart, loaded my clubs and welcomed me. I am literally at the front door as they are unlocking it and as I approach the counter I am greeted by smiling faces even before they get their first Tims coffee of the day into them. I am told there might be a frost delay but they will get me on my way ASAP, I mention no rush I’ll go practice for a bit, I am told the range is not quite open yet (it opens at 7:00), but one of the course attendants hears this and quickly took a bunch of practice balls down to the range and set them up for me.

Love the practice ball setup!

Now back to my round

So as I mentioned before it is pretty cold and the rain from the previous week made for some really wet conditions but that didn’t dampen my spirits as I line up my first drive. I take aim down this straight beautiful par 4 opening hole fairway and proceed to hit a massive slice into the right woods! LOL.

After looking around to see if anyone besides the foxes and squirrels were laughing at me I drove down to find my ball in open position that allowed me to take aim at the green. Well this should have only been a 7 iron shot for me I took to much turf (which I secretly blamed on the wet conditions and not my swing) and came up 40 yards short. Using my lessons learned from Rob Bernard at Center of Gravity Golf I was able to chip to within 10 feet of the cup, but after missing my putt I had to settle with a bogey start to the day.

Well, I got to admit that the second hole didn’t get any better and I ended up scoring a double bogey here, meh. So I am already plus 3 after two and start to re-evaluate my golfing goals when I walk up to number three. I decide to give myself a fresh start with a few deep breaths, this instantly helped to reset my mood and remember why I am out here, and it’s not to make money, I play for enjoyment and relaxation, I end up paring this hole.

I won’t bore you with hole by hole scoring but I did go on to par the three holes after this and feel much better about my round. Some of the views along this course are breathtaking and a real joy to play. 7,8,9 I decided to jump on the bogey train to finish the front 9, but I did finish with a respectable for me front nine 42.

So onto the back nine and wow does it start out with a beauty. number 10 is a fantastic short par 3 that has the Brudenell River on the left side of the entire hole and the green is guarded by white sand bunkers and a massive pond to the right and in front on the green.

#`10 at Brudenell River Golf Course

Number 11 is a par five that again has the Brudenell river running down the entire left side and makes for some amazing views.

Are we slowly losing Canada?

Don’t let the title of this article throw you off, I’m not talking about the physical property of Canada. I am talking about what it means to be a Canadian.
To me, thoughts of being a good Canadian include being friendly, polite, open-minded, a good neighbor, the type of person that will wave to another driver on a deserted road or not even think twice about stopping to help the person if they are in need.
On the international stage, we are a country that is constantly punching above its weight, whether it’s supporting our allies, competing in sporting events, or fighting for human rights. I like to think that other countries that closely share Canada’s views on what it means to be a good human being know that they can rely on Canada to have their back when necessary.
It doesn’t matter on your gender, color, or creed Canada to me is meant to be a melting pot of different people that share the same values.
So what do I mean when I ask the question “Are we slowly losing Canada?”
Every day something in the news or social media catches my attention that is distinctly not what I perceive to be Canadian values. I am just one person and realize that my view of what it means to be a Canadian is going to be different from other Canadians. This makes me ask myself a series of questions.
  1. Do I agree with our current federal and provincial government policies?
This, to me, is the most important question that I can ask myself as a Canadian citizen. As an adult in Canada, it is my right to vote, my vote and my beliefs are meant to be a small part of how Canada is shaped. I didn’t always exercise my right to vote because I didn’t feel it really made a difference at the end of the day. I now make sure that my vote is cast after doing a reasonable amount of research into the people or party that I am voting for. My voice is to be heard by the people that I vote for and most closely represents my views of what it means to be a Canadian.
Obviously, this question invokes many questions but here are some in no particular order that are important to me.
1a. Immigration and refugees
The Canadian government says that it wants 310,000 new immigrants for 2018 with the number increasing to 340,000 new immigrants by 2020. At less than 1% of our current population, this is probably a reasonable number, I do not believe this number includes refugee.
As a large country with a small population and the declining birth rate, we absolutely need immigration, but we need good immigration. The people that we welcome to Canada should have skills that match our needs, they should also have a savings account large enough to support them through the transition period.
1b. Religious freedoms
1c. Education
1d. Senior care
1e. Health care
1f. Energy/natural resources
1g. Carbon tax
1h. Equality of citizens
1i. Military
1j. National security
  1. What is the future of Canada?
  1. What role should we play on the international stage?
  1. Environmental challenges we will face in the future?