COG Distance Wheel

The COG distance wheel was developed after discussing an idea with Rob Bernard about his short game system that he had developed. Rob had placed markings on his clubs that worked as a quick reference of distance when he was within 100 yards of the hole.

Most golfers will use feel and guess at what club to use simply by eyeing the distance and guessing on how hard to swing the club. Rob developed an easy to perform a swing that can be recreated every time meaning you only have to choose the correct club and you will have a very close to target distance that you can reliably hit the ball to every time.

Enter The COG Distance Wheel

When creating the wheel we wanted something that was easy to use, store and access while playing a round of golf. We decided on using a information wheel because of their ease of use. All you have to is turn the wheel to the distance you have to play the ball and the appropriate information comes up.

Rob has three different swing positions and three backswing distances that he teaches in the attached videos and documents, once you have these easy movements dialed in you only need to adjust the wheel to the distance and you instantly know what shot you have to perform.

Using this tool in combination with several chapters of Robs “Get your swing in gear” system will make you more accurate, more consistent and prevent you from over or undershooting your target. 
Perfectly place your shots every time – with the short game master.

Worksheets / Packaging / Videos

We also worked with Rob to create the packing for this product which will all fit into a CD/DVD jewel case. We created a cover, back cover, instruction booklet, the instruction video, and the website that hosts all this information.

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