Becoming A Millionaire – Mindset Required

The Skills Required

future millionaire onboardThere are very few excuses for not becoming a millionaire, it is simply learning the steps required that will take you in the direction of a millionaire’s mindset. Some people may have physical or mental elements that may prevent or at least make it harder to achieve the skill sets, but being from a poor family we’re only getting average grades in school is not valid excuse.

Remember money in a capitalist environment circulates, it never stays in one place and goes through the hands of thousands of people. The one who builds wealth are the ones that know what to do with that money when it’s in their hands, how can they grow it and retain it. Some of that money is going to find itself back in circulation because the wealthy person has used some of it to grow and attract more money in their direction. This is how capitalism works.

Millionaires all have a similar set of skills that they master, this is consistent no matter if it’s a male or female or what advantages or disadvantages they started out with in life.

In this article, we’re gonna talk about all these different skill sets that are required and then you have to make the decision if you’re going to act on them or just listen. Action is the key component here, you can be the best academic in the world where are you listen and retain the knowledge but if you don’t take action on it’s useless.

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Giant numbers of retail stores face closure – Are You Ready?

As More Stores Face Closures, Are You Ready For A New Career?

Store closuresIn 2017 we’re going to see a mass amount of large brand retail stores closing their doors, it doesn’t mean these companies are going out of business just they are reducing their footprint in the retail landscape throughout North America.

Here’s a short list of some of the stores that are closing down:

Kmart and Sears expect to close 150 stores this year

Bebe close 180 stores this year

Rue21 400 store

JCPenney 138 store

Macy’s 68 stores

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Wearable activity trackers that can monitor your blood pressure

blood pressure monitor

Amazing New Wearables That Measure Blood Pressure?

blood pressure monitorFor people like myself that have high blood pressure or hypertension, that headline sounds too good to be true. Is there such a device that can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and perform an ECG?

Well the answer to that is a resounding yes and it comes in the form of a wristband called the Helo LX, The band does not require traditional cuff that you would normally use for measuring blood pressure, instead, he uses a microprocessor called the Toshiba TZ series. Of course, the manufacturers put out a disclaimer saying that you should not use this device for diagnosis but more for consumer level monitoring. When compared to the hall monitor or even a hospital Dinamap monitor the results were impressively close.

What’s even cooler is that you can share your results using a smartphone app with people such as your doctor or other loved ones that want to keep an eye on your blood pressure.

HELO LX WristbandHELO LX Wristband

This device is a game changer for anybody with high blood pressure or hypertension, but that is just the start of the functions in this wristband. It will also monitor your breath rate, steps, distance traveled, calories and even your sleep, fatigue levels and mood. 

Again don’t solely use this device for keeping track of your blood pressure but having it is a fantastic way to keep you and your medical professional informed on how you are doing. Remember blood pressure is a silent killer and keeping track of it can be the difference between life and death.

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Direct Selling – The Future Of Shopping?

direct selling

Direct Selling – The Future Of Shopping?

I want to do a quick article today to talk about our ever-changing economy, what it means everyday people and their futures.

I am a traditional business owner and have been for the past 20 years but I can tell you straight up the traditional job market can no longer protect even loyal employees with good wages, benefits, security or longevity. 

The economy is changing, times are changing, both large business and small businesses have to change with the times to remain competitive. 

Are Schools Teaching The Right Subjects For A Changing Economy?

Gone are the days of going to school getting a good education, starting a career with the company and working there until you’re ready to retire. It’s up to me to say, but most people that are in school today have no idea what they’re in for when they are ready to enter the job market. 

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The Evolution of the grocery store

grocery store

The Evolution of the grocery store

I remember going to the grocery store with my mom when I was a little boy, how times of changed. The evolution of the grocery store is just another example of how our economy is changing, and how important it is for people to realize that they have to learn new skills and evolve with the “new economy”.

How does all this relate to the “new economy”? Well, stick with me because although the grocery stores history may not be a super interesting topic to most people, it is a prime example of how the economy has changed in the past hundred years and what the future might look like.

Mid 1800’s

Grocery stores like pacific tea company or great Atlantic got their start in the mid-1800s along with many other small regional grocery stores. These grocery stores were very small and tended to focus on one aspect of food retail such as “dry grocery” items, where they would sell canned goods or other nonperishable items. Produce vendors and butchers were completely separate stores, but most of the stores tended to cluster together for the customer’s convenience.

Early 1900’s

grocery storePiggly Wiggly stores of Memphis were arguably the first self-service shopping in America. This was the first time in American history where the customer could actually walk into the store, take a product off-the-shelf and then go to the counter and pay.

The self-service tile store was quickly followed up by the chain store explosion that happened in the early 1920s. Small regional change such as Kroger or national tea, started to rapidly expand their service area, some such as A&P even on national scale, operating over 10,000 stores across the United States by the end of the 20s. Most of the stores still did not offer butchers or produce departments and some still offered delivery services and charge accounts, but times were changing fast and most had abandoned these practices.

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How Self Driving Trucks Will Kill Our Economy

Self Driving Trucks

How long before all trucking companies are self-driving? And will it effect our economy?

Self Driving Trucks The way our economy is changing at a rapid pace, we’re seeing the decimation of small town economies like we’ve never seen before. We have to start educating ourselves on the effects of things such as self-driving vehicle technology, and how it affects local economies, especially the ones that are dependent on trucker salaries. 

If you think I’m blowing this out of proportion look at some of these facts.

The economy in North America is incredibly dependent on truck drivers, but what happens when self-driving vehicles are introduced to the road and these jobs start to disappear? There are over 4 million professional truck driver is in North America, and additional 5.5 million people employed who are not truck drivers but work in conjunction with them. That is 9.5 million truck related jobs.

“9.5 Million Jobs In North America Are Directly Related To The Trucking Industry”

No not all of these jobs would disappear because of self-driving trucks, you’re still going to need people to load the trucks and route them, but the vast majority of these jobs would disappear. And we can’t stop there, the income received by these 9.5 million people create numerous jobs for others. The 4 million plus drivers would regularly stop to rest, drink, eat and sleep. There are businesses that solely exist to service this market. Think of all the motels and restaurants that serve this industry as an example. So now you have millions more people that depend on the employment of the truck driver. But you can’t even stop there.

“Truckers Support Many Other Industries Outside Of Their Own”

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