HELO LX Wearable Technology At It’s Best

HELO LXThe Helo LX is a wearable technology much like the Fitbit and falls into the activity monitors section of wearable technology. 

Wearable technology will typically fall into one of three categories and they are 1. heads-up displays, 2. smart watches, 3. activity monitors.

Wearable technology has truly been around for hundreds of years, starting with the wristwatch in 1571, the Abacus ring in 1644, The button spy camera in 1950, and the gambling shoe in 1961 that was designed to beat the casinos at roulette. Wearable technology really starts to take off in the year 2000 when the first Bluetooth headset was introduced and we could talk on our phones without holding them up to her ear. Then in 2009 wearable technology industry exploded with the first activity tracker called the Fitbit. 

Fitbit Vs. HELO LX What Are The Differences?

The Fitbit was designed to measure data related to fitness such as how many steps walked, heart rate, how many steps climbed, quality of sleep and other personal metrics revolving around fitness. 

How advanced the 2017 and Wor(l)d Global Network introduces the HELO LX which is considered a wellness band. The HELO is like a Fitbit on steroids, not only does it measure all the fitness-related metrics like the fit bit it also measures many wellness metrics such as blood pressure, breath rate, heart rate, ECG, sleep quality monitor, mood/fatigue monitor and it even has an SOS emergency button.


This is hands-down the most advanced activity tracker available today, but it is not available through any stores only through the power of direct sales. If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing HELO LX please click one of the links below.

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